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6-in1 Magnetic Phone Charger - 100 Watt Fast Charge - USB Phone and Data Cable - Changeable Magnet Adapter Tips, Micro USB and Type C

  • SIX IN ONE; Each magnetic phone cord features a type C and standard USB input with an advanced telescopic design that means the adapter will never get lost; We’ve also included three interchangeable magnetic charger tips that snap easily in place; Use as a magnetic type C charger
  • DATA TRANSFER; More than just a phone charger magnetic cable, our versatile magnetic USB cable can also transfer data a a blistering 480 Mbps; Better yet, this magnetic charger adapter also features a smart LED to indicate when your magnetic charging adapter is securely plugged into a power source
  • TOUGH; This magnetic phone charger from Demon Devices features a super strong braided nylon casing; This magnet charger cable is engineered to be super durable withstand tugging, sharp corners and stretches; When you need a magnetic charger and data transfer cable that will hold up under any conditions, trust only Demon Devices
  • RAPID CHARGE; Inferior magnetic chargers function at a sluggish 60 watts, meaning that your cable magnet charger takes longer to power up your equipment; Demon Devices interchangeable magnetic charger type C cables charge at a blazing fast 100 watts, cutting charge time almost in half
  • QUALITY; Each magnetic USB charger and data cable has undergone stringent quality inspection and hundreds of hours of development with leading tech designers; Demon Devices magnetic phone chargers are crafted to the highest standards; Our promise is this; if we wouldn’t use the interchangeable magnetic micro USB charger cables ourselves, we won’t sell these phone charger accessories

At Demon Devices, we seamlessly merge each cutting edge magnetic phone charger with premium design principles. Each magnetic charger is crafted to meet the highest standards that thousands of Demon Devices customers have come to expect from us. With a durable braided nylon exterior that’s flexible and strong, our magnet charger cable is second to none. Each magnetic USB charger is rigorously examined before it leaves the factory. If our phone charger magnetic cable doesn’t meet the highest standards, then we don’t sell it, simple as that!