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3 in 1 3 ft Light Up Magnetic Phone Charging Cable - With Smart LED Christmas Light Glow - Lighted Cell Phone Charger with USB, Type C

  • DAZZLING; This 3 in 1 magnetic charging cable from Demon Devices lights up when charging; Our 3.3” foot glow charger cable is a burst of brilliantly fun LED light in both daylight and nighttime; This LED Christmas light charger comes in a range of colors to suit every decor and mood
  • VERSATILE; This magnetic phone charger cable features three interchangeable 360 degree rotating tips; Use our 360 smart charging cable as a micro USB magnetic adapter, switch over the head and use it as a magnetic charger type C cable
  • TOUGH; The Demon Devices magnetic phone charger has passed a 4,000 bend examination for stress; This light up charger cable is designed to be super tough and withstand years or daily use; When you need a magnetic 3 in 1 light up charging cable that will hold up under any conditions, choose Demon Devices
  • RAPID CHARGE; Each LED magnetic cell phone charger cable has a 3 Amp output; When paired with a compatible wall adaptor, our lighted USB C cable with interchangeable magnetic charger tips will charge any device super fast
  • RELIABLE; Each LED phone charger cable user can trust for quality; This light up charging cord has undergone stringent quality inspection and hundreds of hours of development; The Demon Devices promise is this; if we wouldn’t use the interchangeable magnetic phone cord ourselves, we won’t sell it

At Demon Devices, we seamlessly merge cutting edge light up cable magnet chargers with premium design principles. Each magnetic phone charger is crafted to meet the highest standards that thousands of Demon Devices customers have come to expect from us. With durable materials that are designed to last, our glow cables are second to none. Each magnetic charger is rigorously examined before it leaves the factory. If our light up charging cable doesn’t meet the highest standards, then we don’t sell it, simple as that!