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VPN's and why they are so important

August 29, 2020 2 min read

IPVanish is pre-installed on every loaded device we sell, this article is to express the importance of a VPN. Click here to create your account.

The VPN application that I use in this tutorial,IPVanish VPN, is specifically designed and optimized for the Fire TV Stick 4K, 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Televisions, along with all other android TV devices.  It is also recognized as the world’s fastest VPN which is the most important feature since we are using it to stream large HD video files.

Why would you want to set up a VPN for your Android TV for Fire TV?  So that your Internet service provider (ISP), government, app developers, hackers, and other organizations can’t monitor and log what you are streaming or downloading.

A VPN will encrypt your connection to the Internet and create an anonymous connection through a private IP address, which will hide your identity and activity.

A VPN may increase your streaming speeds because many Internet providers impose throttling methods for various apps such as Cinema, FreeFlix, CatMouse, TVZion, IPTV services, etc.

The same is also true for Kodi users who prefer to stream with various Kodi addons and Kodi builds.

A VPN will eliminate ISP throttling and allow you to connect at speeds that will stop buffering on the Android TV device or Fire TV Stick.

Another reason to use a VPN on your Android TV device or Fire TV is to have the option of accessing sites or streams that are only available to people in certain geographical regions.

This is especially important for MMA and Sports fans who are often geo-restricted in certain locations.

A quality VPN like IPVanish will help evade censorship due to geographic locations and that’s why it is claimed the Best VPN for streaming UFC.

IPVanish VPN will give you the option of connecting through 1,000+ servers that are located in 60+ countries around the world.

Internet companies are cracking down on those who use various streaming apps to access video streams that are readily available on the Internet.

Many Internet companies also serve as cable television providers, which means less money for them.

Your ISP may threaten to sue you or shut down your Internet connection if they don’t like what you are accessing through your Android TV, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, or any Internet-connected device.

A VPN service will protect your identity and make it impossible for your ISP, government, hackers, app developers, or any other 3rd party from seeing what you are streaming or downloading.